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You have just bought yourself a fantastic, new, shiny high-tech toy called Smartphone.
Yeah! The world to phone calls, internet, a pocket sized camera and lots of entertainment is now open and available in your palm.

But do you know that you have at the same time also signed up for a new job?
Yes, you heard right. You have just signed up for a new job.
Congratulations again and welcome to the world of computer administration.

After all, this new device in the size of your palm is a powerful computer.
And yes, it can likely also do phone calls.

With great power comes great responsibility.

With the first excitement ebbing a little after unpacking and unwrapping (often referred to as “unboxing”) the new device, the operation and plentiful options with the new device may start to look a little overwhelming.
What applications (apps) are essential? What apps to use for what? How to protect my privacy? How to protect my data from theft or loss?
So many questions.

Don’t worry, your friendly admin is here to help.

I’ll provide some (hopefully) helpful guidance for your daily life with electronic gadgets, from a close look at some devices to the day-by-day operations and practical use cases.
Of course, I’ll also provide some information on applications (apps) that I consider useful.

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