Mobile Internet in Hong Kong

Nov, 2008

Some hints and tips on settings that helped me and might also work for you.
Note, all the following is without any warranty or guarantee. The details may have changed from the time of writing.
Nevertheless it might be helpful. ;)


Information for manual setup of GPRS connections with SmarTone-Vodafone.

Go to your wap browser settings menu.
Edit the profile or setup a new profile.

Profile Name: SmarTone !IN
Home Page:
Bearer or connection type: HTTP (or GPRS as opposite to GSM data)
APN: SmarTone-Vodafone
User name: 'leave empty'
Password: 'leave empty'
IP Address:
Port: 9201 (for WAP browser) or 8080 (for WEB browser)

make this profile the active one and start browsing with your mobile.