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Hong Kong Tourist Tips

Hong Kong is a touristic well developed City and there's plenty of information for tourists available already.
Thus, the tips on this side are meant to be a complement and contain a small summary of the attractions of Hong Kong which does not claim to be complete.
A free map of Hong Kong for tourists can be picked up right at the airport once arriving or at most hotels.
In there the most popular tourist locations are highlighted.

You might also want to check the webpage of the Hong Kong Tourism Board for more detailed information and suggestions.

The online map of Hong Kong might be helpful as well.

The Peak

also known as Victoria Peak provides a magnificent view from the top onto Hong Kong. The Peak Tram provides some insight on the former way of transportation and is quite an attraction by itself.
I'd recommend to visit The Peak after sunset to enjoy the lights of Hong Kong.
There's a nice walkway around The Peak on the same level as the Peak Tram station. It offers some nice views onto Hong Kong and also the south side of Hong Kong Island.


Enjoy the view on Hong Kong skyline from sea level with a ride of the Star Ferry between Central to TsimShaTsui. It also flavours the modern architecture and buildings with an old days transportation.
The Star Ferry trip can be nicely combined with a stroll on the TsimShaTsui Waterfront Promenade and Avenue of Stars to enjoy the view on Hong Kong Island.

The Giant Buddha

located on Lantau Island can be reached by

Due to the remote location a visit to the Giant Buddha is to be a considered a day trip.


A more relaxed part of Hong Kong, away from the busy commercial districts. Stanley is located on the south side of Hong Kong island and can be easily reached by various buses.
You'll find some nice beaches, including the one famous for the Dragon Boat Racing, restaurants with outdoor seating including the ones inside the Murray Building and Stanley Market with the many shops for clothing, arts and many more.


the thing to do in Hong Kong, a kind of sport for the locals.
Apart from the plenty modern shopping malls, there are also a number of markets.

Ladies Market - MongKok

The Ladies Market is located in MongKok. There are 3 roads in parallel, east of Nathan Road,
1x focused on Sport shoes and accessories,
1x focused on Electronics and
the Ladies Market itself, a street market with a variety of clothes, bags, souvenirs, and many more.

Night Market - Temple Street

A street market, opening every day at about 7PM and located on Temple Street. Stretched between Jordan and YauMaTei, parallel to Nathan Road.

Stanley Market

Please see above at Stanley description.


There are plenty of bar areas in Hong Kong. The more western oriented LanKwaiFong, WanChai and also Knudsford Terrace in TsimShaTsui.

Suggested Combination

A possible combination for a day:

Starting with some shopping in MongKok and continuing towards TsimShaTsui.
Taking a stroll along TsimShaTsui waterfront promenade followed by crossing Victoria Harbour by Star Ferry.
From there on with the Peak Tram to the Peak and a hike to enjoy the various views on Hong Kong.

Other attractions

There are many more things to see in Hong Kong. You might find some inspiration while checking the photos of Hong Kong in my photo section.

Some ideas: