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Good habits, regular updates – Update Firefox web browser

Not only does your mobile device require regular maintenance and update of some apps to get the latest enhancements and security relevant fixes, your PC, laptop or tablet computer does appreciate some care as well.

Browsing the internet is most likely part of your regular routine when using your computer. Thus, making sure your interface to the internet, your web browser, is safe to use and has all the security relevant improvements and fixes.

There’s certainly different web browsers around and everyone has their favourite. I’d always recommend Firefox from the Mozilla foundation due to their open source affinity and advocation for privacy.
If you’re not yet using Firefox, have a look at their webpage (Click on the link will open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser settings.)

Here’s how to update your Firefox browser.

Examples are taken from a Windows 10 setup with Firefox.

Open your Firefox browser, click on the “sandwich” menu (the 3 horizontal bars symbol) on the upper right side of the browser window

and select the help entry at the lower end.

Clicking on About Firefox will bring up and extra window with information on the currently used version of Firefox

and in this case already start to download of the new update version.
Once the download is completed, click on the Restart Now button and wait for Firefox to close and re-open again automatically.

Once Firefox has restarted again you’ll be greeted by an information window from Firefox.

Now, a quick check via -> the sandwich menu -> Help -> About Firefox and we get confirmation that the latest version of Firefox is in use.

Great! We’re all set and done. Happy exploring of the world wide web with your up-to-date Firefox browser.

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